Kaylie Tucker

I have been using Configura since 2003, when I started working for a Steelcase Dealer in Reno, Nevada. It was here I started using Configura to plan Spacesaver filing systems.

In 2008 I moved to Seattle, Washington where I joined the Beta team for the Smart Tools extension. This is when I fell in love with the software.  I used CET Designer during the next 5 years, while I was Lead Designer for Starbucks Coffee Company, both Corporate and Regional. It was during this time they did a complete re-stack of their corporate offices so I was able to transition them over to using CET.
I have a passion for rendering and pushing the boundaries of CET's capabilities. In 2010 I won first place in the Configura rendering contest. I continue to enjoy trying and testing the limits of this software.
In 2014 I took a position with Allsteel as the design manager for the Amazon team but they did not yet have a CET Extension.  In 2016, I joined the Allsteel team to help develop and launch their extension.
During the extension creation, I helped drive development requirements, to create an entirely new tagging standard for the furniture portfolio, conducted testing, trained designers, created marketing material, and handled license administration. In addition, I was the beta team organizer and helped with support for new designers.
During the launch, I created reference guides, designed our internal web site, and created demo and training videos.
As we released, and dealers started adoption, I started to notice the same trends I had experienced as a dealer designer and discovered some of the struggles designers run into when trying to use CET. Designers are super eager to adopt but they haven’t been set up properly with the right tools in order to make the transition.
I decided to take all of my experiences and create a company to help fill this gap. I want to be able to help designers early on in the adoption phase to have the necessary items to use CET Designer efficiently and effectively. By providing items like title blocks and ready made reusable files, there is no stop gap between starting a new project in CET and being able to produce the output necessary.
I want to help ease the transition frustration, and reduce the urge to return to their comfort zone of what they are familiar with. I also want to offer aid in creating renderings, and converting existing drawings. Anything that might stop a designer from returning to their old ways because of lack of time or knowledge.
I am passionate about CET Designer and the benefits it offers to designers.  I believe when fully adopted, it helps them lead happier, healthier lives. I want to help designers discover joy in producing output again. I believe this is something that sometimes get lost in the world of production design. Happy designers create amazing designs.

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