Title Blocks

Title Block Look Book
One of Konvergent’s most popular services is the title blocks package. After returning from training designers do not have the time necessary to create title blocks that allow them produce drawings and export in a format that customers and installers are used to seeing.
Title blocks are very powerful. They can help translate a lot of information in a small space. They can also represent your brand and provide a level of professionalism.
What’s included?
• Full set of 12 standard size Title Blocks

• Manufacturer specific Viewport Settings for easy to create install drawing *Manufacturer specific

• Customized How To Guide for using and installing items

• Various helpful CET Favorite reusable files and disclaimers for standardized layouts
All of Konvergent’s Services include: One-hour Q&A webinar to be scheduled at your convenience.
Data packages are delivered via a downloadable folder. Files include: CET Reusable file formats, pdfs, and the master CET Designer drawing file used to create them.
Once your package is approved turnaround time for completion is apx 1-2 weeks.

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