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Designers have busy schedules. After returning from training, they lack the time and tools to use CET Designer effectively. The Designer Toolkit provides designers with the items needed to adopt CET Designer with less effort resulting in successful acceptance.
When quicker adoption rates are achieved, there is increased return on investment, ability to produce and convert more projects quicker, and an ability to compete against similarly created RFP responses.
Wouldn't it be nice to have standards for all your projects? We offer efficient solutions so you can work smarter not harder, providing templates and reusable files that allow designers to spend more time on what is important....design.
The Designer Toolkit includes:

  • Title Blocks with 12 .cmppr files from 8x11 up to 36x48.
  • View modes for paper space to quickly display categories for different types of plans.
  • Schemes allow a user to quickly apply finishes and options to components. 
  • Text Dimension & Line Styles customized to match your standards and streamline documentation.
  • The Generic Office Plan is a pre-built CET environment a user can quickly drop in typicals and add personal touches to create some environmental renderings or use it to create a Yulio walkthrough without having to draw an entire space from the ground up.
  • PhotoLab settings for Pre and Post render, to achieve a curated look every time.
  • Calculation views to match your current standards to aid in comfortability for using a new software.
  • Reusable File structure for saving and organizing all the reusable file types.
  • Guides for making the transition to CET easier - Getting Started, Desktop Quick Reference and Tips & Tricks
  • Customized How to Guide for all items included in your package

All of Konvergent’s Services include: One-hour Q&A webinar to be scheduled at your convenience.
Data packages are delivered via a downloadable folder. Files include: CET Reusable file formats, pdfs, and the master CET Designer drawing file used to create them.
Once your package is approved turnaround time for completion is apx 1-2 weeks.

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