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Manufacturer Toolkit

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Are you prepared to launch your CET extension or do you want to encourage more use from your users?
As you build your extension, you will discover many items to be addressed from marketing to training. Let Konvergent Solutions help you navigate through the rains of change.
It takes less than 5 minutes for a user to decide if an extension is easy to use. Having easy-to-use templates & reusable files keeps users coming back for more.
The Manufacturer Toolkit includes:

  • Favorites: Typicals in .cmfav file format for easy drop in within CET.
  • Schemes different color palettes that can quickly be applied to all your products that accept schemes.
  • Title Blocks: A full set of title blocks (.cmppr files) both horizontal and vertical with sizes from 8x11 up to 36x48. These are customized to match your brand with standard fonts and layout. 
  • Quote Cover Pages 8x11 Horizontal & Vertical (.cmppr files). Customized to fit your brand.
  • Scenes, to help set the stage and give users a jumpstart for creating environmental renderings. Just place your typicals into various options and hit render!
  • Design Layout Pages to apply selected finishes, load renderings, floor plans, and descriptions. These can easily be exported to PowerPoint too for quick RFP creation. 

All of Konvergent’s Services include: One-hour Q&A webinar to be scheduled at your convenience.
Data packages are delivered via a downloadable folder. Files include CET Reusable file formats, pdfs, and the master CET Designer drawing file used to create them.
Once your package is approved turnaround time for completion is 1-2 weeks.

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